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PDCA cycle was originally proposed by Shewhart in 1930, and was later discovered by Dr. Deming, an American quality management expert, to form the Deming cycle. It was later widely used by Japanese management experts in the continuous improvement process of product quality.

The Purpose of PDCA

The purpose of the PDCA is: P (Plan)-Plan, D (Do)-Implementation, C (Check)-Check, A (Action)-Action to comply with the outcomes of the Review Inspection, confirm and encourage good practice in an acceptable manner, standardization, the lessons of failure are outlined and the remaining issues are put in the next PDCA period. The PDCA cycle is, in reality, a practical working process for the practical implementation of any work that is best suited for performance management.

What is PDCA?

PDCA is formed from the first few letters of the English words Plan (Plan), Do (execute), Check (Check) and Action (Action). The organization is in accordance with the order of quality management, and constantly carry out this scientific process. Ability to continuously improve product quality.

  • P (Plan) Planning : including the determination of policy objectives and the formulation of activity plans.

  • D (DO) Implementation: design specific methods, schemes and layout planning according to the known information, and then carry out specific operations according to the design and layout to realize the content of the planning.

  • C (Inspection) Inspection: summarize the results of the implementation plan, distinguish right from wrong, clarify the effect and find problems.

  • A (Action) Action: to process the results of the summary inspection, confirm the successful experience, and standardize it; Summarize the lessons of failure and draw attention to them. Unresolved issues should be submitted to the next PDCA cycle for resolution.

The above four processes do not end after one run, but are executed repeatedly. When one cycle ends, some issues are resolved, and the unsolved ones move on to the next cycle, which goes up step by step.

Iteration is a central concept of the scientific process and PDCA—once the theory is proven (or negated), the re-run of the loop will further expand the information. Repeating the PDCA loop will get users closer to the target, usually with perfect activity and performance.

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