Organization Chart Example: Organization Chart with Color Legend


This is an organization chart template created to show the different roles of a company. The use of color legend enables further categorization of these roles. In this example, three categories of roles are created: Directly managed by COO, directly managed by CFO and co-managed by COO and CFO.

To edit this organizational chart template, simply click on Use this Template. Afterwards, you'll be able to add, remove, and reposition organization units and text to your liking.


An organization chart (also called organizational chart, or org chart) is a graphical depiction of the roles and structure within an organization. It is a diagram that shows the structure of an organization and the relationships and relative ranks of its parts and positions/jobs. An organization chart typically illustrates relations between people within an organization. Such relations might include managers to sub-workers, directors to managing directors, chief executive officer to various departments, and so forth. By looking at the org chart, people can gain a quick understanding of how the organization is designed, its number of levels and where each employee fits into the organization.

Benefits of Organization

There many usages and reasons why we need an Org Chart, here is just a few examples:

  1. Help in specifying authority and responsibility of every position.
  2. Minimize the conflicts between individuals over jurisdiction.
  3. Eliminates overlapping and duplication of work.
  4. Decreases likelihood of "runarounds".
  5. Facilitates promotions of personnel.
  6. Easier to communicate at all levels of organizational hierarchy
  7. Acts as an information center to the new entrants Benefits of Organization Chart

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