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Floating Column Chart Templates

Column chart is a common way to display data, but sometimes it may not be enough to show the full picture. Floating column chart can then fulfill our needs . It is designed to display data that has positive and negative values, and helps to highlight the difference between them. The floating design of the chart allows for easy comparison between the values, and makes it easy to see which values are above or below zero.

A floating column chart is useful in comparing data with two different variables, such as sales and profit margin. For instance, a company may want to track the sales and profit margin of each of its products over time. The floating column chart can be used to compare the sales and profit margin of each product over time on the same chart. This makes it easy to spot trends and patterns in the data. It could also be used to compare the budgeted and actual expenses of different departments in a company over a certain period of time.

With VP Online Chart Maker, creating a custom floating column chart is no longer a difficult task. You can input data and customize the chart properties such as colors, labels, axis, etc. The tool also provides various elements, including photos and graphics for you to customize the other parts of your design to match the style and theme of the chart. Once the chart is completed, it can be easily shared or exported in various formats, making it a versatile tool for a variety of industries and purposes.

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