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Furniture Facebook ad layout does not have to be boring and plain it can be in different orientation like this! Are you selling some of the custom made furniture that is rarely sold in market? This is the perfect Facebook ad created for your, as your can see it emphasize on the elegance of the overall furniture style instead of bargaining for a good discount! So, come make this design template yours now, all you need is to swop the product photo and website link then it can go online.

By the Facebook ad maker of Visual Paradigm Online, you can customize the design, and then change elements on it conveniently. Replace the text content, images, colour and even the composition in order to fit your wants. You can then create an interesting Facebook ad in just several minutes. Let' s start your creation now! Searching for other Facebook ad? Browse the InfoART library for more modern Facebook ad templates!

Facebook-Anzeigen Template Specifications:
Diese Facebook-Anzeigenvorlage kann durch Ändern des Inhalts, Ersetzen von Bildern und Designkomponenten usw. an Ihre Anforderungen angepasst werden.
Dominant Color
1200 x 628 px

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