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Class Of 2022

Graduation, like a big full stop, since then, we bid farewell to a period of pure youth - an era full of fantasy. Thinking of graduation ceremony out of the school, the intersection of each other's lives will be over, it is inevitable to feel reluctant. We do not know when to meet again.

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With the advance of technology and all kinds of communication software, graduates don't have to worry about when they will meet again. After walking out of school, you can contact with your classmates by all kinds of social media, which is different from the traditional sense of loss after graduation.

After graduating from college, the first feeling is that you are finally free, you can go to work and earn money, you can control your time, the whole feeling is very relaxing. After working, you will find it easier to go to college. In addition, there are financial pressures, job pressures, work rules, colleague relationships, and so on.

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Graduation - Class of 2020

Date & Time: 21 July (Sunday) | 19:00

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