Smart Business Letterhead

Smart Business Letterhead

Keeping the design as simple as feasible is one of the key characteristics of an excellent letterhead. Remember that a letterhead is merely a means of delivery. Your letterhead should feel and look fantastic in the hand, but the design should allow the letter's content to be printed over it. This is one great example, you can fill in your content easily as the entire design are only compose of a basic header and footer, there are not fancy decoration inside which is making it easy to modify.

Letterheads from InforART graphic editor are expertly created and will spice up your personal or professional stationery. Browse through our library of pre-made templates for organizations, independent contractors, attorneys, charities, nonprofits, graphic artists, and a range of other professions and enterprises. You can simply incorporate the logos, colors, and fonts of your official brand into your letterhead design. Searching for more letterheads design? Browse the InfoART library for more modern letterhead templates!

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