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For the ancient Egyptians, the lotus was the symbol of the sun. The distribution and span of its petals are the light of the sun and the giver of light and life. At dawn, the petals open, close at night and open again as the sun rises, representing rebirth and renewal. The blue lotus (also known as the blue lily of the Nile) is considered the most sacred. It's a symbol of modesty and cleanliness.

Lotus seeds can be dormant in the dry river bed for 200 years, waiting for rain, when the flowers bloom from the mud, shining, spotless. The lotus was regarded by the early Egyptians as a symbol of resurrection and immortality. The budding form of lotus is a symbol of the upper kingdom of Egypt. Lotus wreaths are used as symbols of rebirth in funeral ceremonies. In temples and tombs, gods and royalty hold lotus flowers in their hands.

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Different colors of lotus represent all aspects of human achievement:

  • White represents spiritual purity, red represents sympathy and soul, blue represents wisdom and wisdom,

  • Purple represents mysterious insight.

  • Pink lotus is preserved as a symbol of the historical Buddha.

India's Color Code stipulates that white lotus stands for purity, blue for kindness, and red for enlightenment.

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18 March 2020 4pm-7pm

Crea bonitos diseños sobre la marcha

Sin necesidad de tarjeta de crédito. Sin contratos que cancelar. Sin descargas. Sin costes ocultos.