Characteristics Of New Medicine Infographic New Medicine Infographic

Characteristics Of New Medicine Infographic

Human continuously develop new drugs that can prevent diseases, improve patient health, and save lives, particularly for those who are struggling or treating chronic diseases hope to bring a new medicine tomorrow that can bring better health.

New Medicine Development

Since 2000, the FDA has approved more than 500 new drugs to help patients live longer and healthier lives. Drugs are turning many cancers into treatable diseases, reducing the impact of cardiovascular diseases, providing new options for patients with difficult-to-treat diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, and even fighting the rarest diseases . Explore drugs being developed to treat various diseases.

New Drug Development Process

Throughout the pharmaceutical industry in US, a number of mandatory procedures must be carried out in five development phases before the final sale of the drug begins.

  • Phase 1: Discovery and Development

  • Phase 2: Preclinical Research

  • Phase 3: Clinical Research

  • Phase 4: FDA Review

  • Phase 5: FDA Post-Market Safety Monitoring

Question: How long do you think it will take for a new drug to be approved in the United States?

Ans: About 12-15 years, about one-third of a career.

Question: How many money need to be invested?

Ans: In general, US$1 billion approximately which is equivalent to employing more than 665 employees at US$100,000 per year in 15 years.

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