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Physical Shop vs E-Shop Infographic

Shopping in physical stores is one of the traditional shopping channels in which consumers need to go to physical stores in person for shopping activities.

For those who want to extend their buying choices and save money, online shopping is a great opportunity. With other retailers, the online shop has fierce competition, which leads to lower prices. Price comparison sites make shopping for sales simpler, and by reading reviews posted by other customers, you can find the most reliable online stores.

Here is some advantages of e-store for online-Shoppers:

  • Save time and effort, i.e. transportation and bad weather, etc.

  • The comfort and convenient of shopping at home.

  • There are a variety of goods to choose from.

  • Online payment options

  • Realtime membership information and records and product update messages

  • A good discount/price reduction.

  • Learn more about the product with online detail description, photo and images

  • No buying pressure from salesperson

  • We can compare different models/brands.

    If you are a business man, you find that it is also a easiest and fastest way to reach customers worldwide. Creating an e-store means you can not only sell your product locally, but anyone who can access your website globally will be a potential customer. Services and sales can be automated cost-effectively, making it easy for you and your customers.

Why We Still Need Physical Stores?

The growth of online shopping has, indeed, led to worry about the end of physical stores. While online shopping has become increasingly popular, brick and mortar stores continue to attract customers. Here are some reasons why brick-and-mortar stores are still worth living.

Customers can see the real product in the physical store, which helps to facilitate the purchase decision. In addition, brick-and-mortar stores provide customers with a sense of safety and authenticity. Even if they visit your site and can easily shop online; those customers will trust your company more when they realize that you are operating in a physical location that they can access. If you have an online presence, a physical store will complement your marketing efforts.

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