Brown Cookie Photo Baking Party Invitation Brown Cookie Photo Baking Party Invitation

Brown Cookie Photo Baking Party Invitation

The story of cookie culture -- from royalty to folk cuisine

Cookie is a thin and flat cake. Its name is a Dutch word, Koekje, which means "small egg". The cookie is believed to have been invented in Iran around the 7th century. Later gradually popular to the European royal family and aristocrats in the tea dishes. Starting from the 14th century, gradually from the royal food spread to the people, began to be popular in European countries.

Cookies, a kind of delicate food, have developed into different kinds of cookies in different countries according to their cultures and people's tastes. There are different degrees of softness and hardness; Some of the cookies were not even fully cooked. Today, cookies come in many different flavors, such as green tea, milk, chocolate, butter, peanut butter, walnuts, or dried fruit.

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Susan's Booking Party

Let's bake together.

Date & Time: 15 March, 2021 | 2PM

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