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Cosmetics Photo Make-up Tutorial YouTube Thumbnail Cosmetics Photo Make-up Tutorial YouTube Thumbnail Editar esta plantilla
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Why is makeup popular? It is important to society nowadays. Wearing makeup can boost people's confidence. They will be more presentable and sociable in having social activities. In this modern world, wearing makeup can give off a better impression. This is a YouTube thumbnail template designed for makeup. It is a simple thumbnail design for makeup tutorial sharing on YouTube. In this design, an image of cosmetics products is designed as the photo background of the thumbnail. It is effective to showcase the cosmetic products with an image. Simple texts with the heading "15 Minutes Makeup Tutorial" are designed at the center of the thumbnail that is easy to read for YouTube viewers. This template is designed with Visual Paradigm Online. With this online design tool. You can create Thumbnail easily with images. You can freely drag out images from your device. You can even edit the images by adjusting the brightness, exposure, contrast, or apply filters to images.

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Miniaturas de YouTube Template Specifications:
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Quick Tips For Make-up - 15 Minutes Make-up Tutorial

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