What is MOV

MOV a multimedia format that contains one or more tracks, each of which stores a particular type of data: audio, video, or text. This includes subtitles. QuickTime is particularly suited for editing due to it's abstract data references for media data.

What is OGG

OGG is a free, open container format. It is maintained by Xiph.org foundation. OGG codecs are integrated in number of various free and proprietary media player. This format is designed to provide manipulation of high quality digital multimedia and seamless streaming.

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How to Convert MOV to OGG Online

Follow these quick steps to convert a MOV to OGG online:

Step 1

Upload your MOV

Upload your MOV file through the upload media pane above. You can drag and drop any MOV file into the drop zone, or choose a file from your online drives such as Google Drive, Dropbox and more.

Step 2

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Once the conversion is done you can download new OGG file onto your computer. From here you may choose to convert another file or try our other File Conversion Tools.

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Not only can we convert MOV to OGG. We have various media converters at your service for free as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Since MOV is a file format developed by Apple, it used to be supported mainly by Apple products and its video player Quicktime. When we want to play MOV on other systems, we need to use third-party software. However, starting from Windows 10, its built-in program "Microsoft Photos" also supports playing MOV in Windows without the need of other tools or programs.

Our conversion tool will help you convert MOV to OGG without download or installing any software. You can convert online in any browser.

Our conversion tools are great if you want a quick and easy way to convert your MOV files to OGG in your web browser.

Converting MOV to OGG is fast and efficient. Instant result is expected for most files.

Since not all systems support MOV playback, people prefer to save their media in other formats if they want to distribute their work widely. In addition, although MOV displays audio and video in high quality, it also has a much larger file size than other formats. In this case, it also requires more memory and time to edit and output.

OGG is a lossy audio format, which means that some of the data is lost when it is compressed. However, compared to other lossy audio formats, OGG is still a good choice with smaller file sizes and higher quality.

Both MOV and OGG support saving audio and video. However, if you only need to save audio, OGG is usually recommended over other audio formats if your device supports it. Compared with other common audio formats (such as MP3), OGG contains 255 audio channels, so it can save high quality audio and special types, such as stereo 5.1 type.

Many common audio software support playing OGG files, such as Window Media Player (with OCC codec) and MPlayer, which means we can use these software to play OGG on Windows and Mac. Even if we don't have any audio player, we can still drag and drop OGG files to play on web browsers such as Chrome and Firefox.