Your All-in-One PPT Viewer

  • Preserved animations and transitions
  • Web PPT viewer. No installation needed
  • Accessible on any browser
  • Create / edit PPT with online PPT editor
  • Share your PPT on social media
  • Add and edit annotations

Essential PPT Player

Accurate Animations & Transitions

Our PPT viewer preserves all animations and transitions, ensuring your presentation looks exactly the way you designed it.

Preserved Fonts and Effects

We accurately preserve fonts and effects used in your presentation, so your message comes across loud and clear.

Auto Play or Manual Play

Choose whether you want to create a 'self-running' slideshow or control the flow of the presentation manually.

Lightning Speed Conversion

Our converter is faster than other conversion tools, so you can view your presentation in no time.


Share with Social Media

Share your presentation on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, and WeChat.

Embed Your Presentation

Embed your presentation on web pages via an embed code.

Share with QR Code

Make it easy for audiences to view your presentation on smart devices through QR code sharing.

Password Protection

Set a password to share your presentation with only dedicated readers.


Guiding the Presentation

By adding personal notes or prompts to slides, presenters can remember specific details, talking points, or transitions they want to cover.

Study Materials

Add notes, comments, or references to the slides, transforming the presentation into a personalized learning tool.

Clarifying and Emphasizing Information

Annotations help to emphasize crucial information, making it stand out and increasing its impact on the audience.


Brand Logo

Drive traffic by including a clickable brand logo to your presentation.

Custom Player Background

Apply a color or image background for the presentation player.


Cross-Browser Compatibility

Converted HTML5 output works on all major web browsers.

Mobile-Friendly Output

Our PPT web viewer works flawlessly on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

How to view a PowerPoint online?

Follow these quick steps to view a PPT online:

Step 1

Upload your PPT

Upload your file by clicking on the 'Upload PowerPoint' button or dragging and dropping your file onto the designated area.

Step 2

Conversion Process

Wait until upload and processing is complete.

Step 3

View in Player & Share

Once the upload and processing are complete, you'll be taken to the PPT player. You can view your presentation, as well as to share your presentation via copy link or email.

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply upload your file using our 'Upload PowerPoint' button or drag and drop your file onto the designated area. Once the upload and processing are complete, you can share your file via copy link or email.

The upload and conversion speed depend on the complexity of your file and the network status. However, usually, all documents are processed within a few seconds.

You can use any modern browser to view your presentation. We support all the latest browsers, such as Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, and Edge.

Yes, our online PowerPoint viewer is a cloud-based service that does not require any software installation and can be used on any operating system with a web browser.