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Brochure Templates by InfoART

Brochure is commonly used in promotion. In most marketing and promotion campaigns, brochure is an irreplaceable communication tool to convey the message of a certain product or service. Through the foldable style design, the audience can quickly understand the message of a certain product or service. During your design, you only need to replace the default graphic content and edit the preset text to produce your own promotional materials.

With InfoART's online brochure maker, no matter what kind of message you want to express, you can design the brochure quickly and effortlessly. InfoARTs brochure template library has a large number of two-pages and tri-folding templates, covering the marketing design needs of multiple industries such as real estate, education, travelling and catering.

With InfoART, you can also customize your own tri-folding brochure as you like! There are thousands of royalty free pictures, illustrations, photos and icons to choose from. It also supports powerful editing features: you can add and delete graphic elements and text, adjust font size, etc. You can also add illustrations, shapes, charts, icons and replace background pictures.

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