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Logo is an important element to any brand or company. A good logo can not only clearly reflect the business nature of the company, but also make users unforgettable. The color of logo is also important. Many companies preferring using blue color because that is the most trust-related color; red is usually associated with hunger, which is why food brands like McDonalds choose this as the theme color; pink usually conveys the charm and attitude of women; and green is related to health, freshness and the environment.

With Visual Paradigm's online logo maker, you no longer need to hire a professional designer to design logo! Visual Paradigm's template library has hundreds of logo templates, covering industries such as catering, e-commerce, Internet, weddings, education, sports, and games.

With Visual Paradigm, you can customize your own Logo template easily! There are thousands of pictures, illustrations and fonts to choose from. It also supports intuitive editing features: shape alignment and replacement, layout tool, etc. You can also add your own illustrations, shapes, charts, icons, and replace background pictures.

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