You can create a flipbook product catalog like this

Transform Your PDF Catalog into an Interactive Sales Tool

Are you tired of static catalogs that don't engage your customers? Visual Paradigm Online can help! With our flipbook creation platform, you can upload your PDF catalog and turn it into an engaging e-catalog. You can even take it to the next level by adding shopping link and buy buttons.


Transforming Engagement with Powerful Annotations

Annotations are a powerful tool to actively involve and engage the audience during a flipbook presentation. They provide a means for presenters to encourage attendees to interact with the slides, fostering a dynamic and stimulating environment. By incorporating annotations, presenters can ask thought-provoking questions, point out specific areas for discussion, or even allow attendees to write down their thoughts directly on the slides.

Share Your Retail Catalogs Anywhere

Direct Link Sharing

Sharing your catalog has never been easier. You can quickly copy and share a link to your catalog across multiple channels.

Embed on Website / Blog

Enhance customer engagement by adding your catalog to your website. Customers can seamlessly browse through pages without interruptions, fostering their interest in your products.

Share via Email

Another way to share your catalog is by sending it directly to your potential buyers via email. You can add users to your email list or send it directly to them. It's all in your control.