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Online PDF Editor

Upload, edit and protect medical reports

Efficiently organize your healthcare reports, documents, and forms by easily rearranging them. Preview changes instantly while editing and add protection for sensitive data. Seamlessly share them with just a few clicks.

Online Document Editor

Create medical documents

Visual Paradigm Online offers the ability to generate patient records and medical certificates, add passwords to protect patient confidentiality.

Custom Branding

Tailor your marketing materials and personalize links to align with your brand.

Creating a unique identity for your medical business can help it differentiate itself in a competitive market. A strong brand identity can make a lasting impression on potential customers, increase brand awareness, and improve brand recall.

Visual Design

Generate various graphics for your marketing campaign.

Enhance your medical content strategy by integrating a diverse range of engaging formats such as digital flipbooks, infographics, banners, brochures, posters, and more. Effectively communicate your message to the public.

Share Your Medical Materials Anywhere

Direct Link Sharing

Utilize various platforms to effortlessly distribute promotional materials and broaden the marketing reach of your medical business.

Embed on Website / Blog

Efficiently streamline the process of exploring promotional opportunities for your medical business by seamlessly integrating them.

Share via Email

Establish a direct link with your community by sending customized email promotions for your medical business.