Rectangle Area Calculator

If you’re wondering how to calculate the area of rectangles, you’re in the right place. This is an intuitive online rectangle calculator that assists you in calculating the rectangle’s area. Keep scrolling to read more or play with our calculation tool – you won’t be disappointed!

What is a rectangle?

A rectangle is a quadrilateral with four right angles. It is one of the simplest shapes, and calculating its area only requires that its length and width are known. When the length and width of a rectangle are equal, the shape is a special case of a rectangle, called a square.


Rectangle area formula

The equation for calculating the area of a rectangle is as follows:

area = l * w

where l and w is the length and width of the rectangle.

How to find the area of a rectangle?

You can use the rectangle area calculator to find the area of a rectangle:

  1. Enter the length of the rectangle.
  2. Enter the width.
  3. The area of the rectangle is presented.


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