Sector Area Calculator

This sector area calculator can help – as you can guess – in determining the area of a sector. Simply enter the radius and the angle and the sector area appears in no time. If you’re interested in knowing how to find the area of a sector, keep reading and you will find a detailed description of the sector area formula.

What is a ‘sector’?

A sector of a circle is essentially a proportion of the circle that is enclosed by two radii and an arc.


Sector area formula

The equation for calculating the area of a sector is as follows:

area = πr2 * (A / 360)

where r is the radius of the circle and A is the angle of the arc in degrees.

How to find the area of a sector?

You can use the sector area calculator to find the area of a sector:

  1. Enter the radius of your sector.
  2. Determine and enter the angle of the arc. Make sure the unit is in degree.
  3. Our sector area calculator performs all the calculations for you and you can obtain the area instantly.

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