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Would creating a brochure to promote brands excite you? Brochures frequently have more pictures than text. Brochures have a big impact on consumers. The best marketing tools for smaller businesses or niche sectors are brochures.

This is a brochure template designed for a hotel promotion. It is a modern and grand brochure design with images and text. In this template, some images presenting the environment of a hotel are designed on the template. The brochure contains text that is connected to hotel information. This template is designed with Visual Paradigm Online. With the online design tool Visual Paradigm Online, you can select from dozens of works of art in numerous categories. You can choose any work of art and drag it easily onto the canvas.

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Dominant Color
1100 x 850 px

Flower Hotel

  • The Best Position

  • The Best Facilities

  • The Best Holiday

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