Dalgona coffee New Menu Instagram Post

Dalgona coffee New Menu Instagram Post

Coffee has been used for centuries as an energy booster and stimulant for both physical and mental performance. It's also been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties that may help reduce pain associated with arthritis, diabetes and other conditions.

This is an Instagram post created to promote Dalgona Coffee, the new menu of the coffee shop. The post is divided in to 2 parts, text content and introduction of the menu is placed on the left, while the photo of Dalgona Coffee is shown on the right. Elements on the design are in light brown and pink, which are closed to the color of the coffee. By the Instagram post maker of Visual Paradigm Online, you are able to edit all elements on the design, including the text, image, color and also the photo. We can also change the composition of the design to fit our needs. Try it now and create attractive Instagram post to introduce you new drinks!

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Dalgona Coffee - Fluffy & Creamy

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