Customer Journey Maps - What, How, Why Customer Journey Mapping Step-by-Step

Customer Journey Maps - What, How, Why

What is Customer Journey Map?

A customer journey map is a visual representation of every experience a customer shares with you. It helps tell the story of a customer's experience of building a long-term relationship with your brand, from initial contact to detailed usage and expectations.

Why Customer Journey Map?

Customer journey maps can help companies appreciate customers and view businesses from a customer viewpoint. It lets companies gain insight into common consumer pain points, learn ways to maximize customer service, and find the customers and potential customers needed to complete the purchase.

How to Make a Journey Map?

Customers want businesses to identify and recall who they are and what they are searching for at different points of communication so they can access the right information without having to repeat or explain their needs. Maps help uncover the "silos" challenges in your business.

  • Set specific goals and objectives

  • Conduct analysis, compile data and build evidence.

  • Build a customer journey map for the Persona section (make it beautiful and eye-catching)

  • Identify all the touch points for the entire customer journey, i.e. learn > install > trial > evaluate > ... > buy

  • Draw the customer's entire storyline, obtain the findings, and make suggestions

  • put things in the map, analyze the result

  • Develop improvement actions and verify results

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