Facts Of Glasses Infographic Glasses Facts Infographic

Facts Of Glasses Infographic

Glasses are commonly used, whether as accessories or to help you see and protect your eyes. They weren't invented recently; in fact, they've been around for centuries. It evolved over time and eventually became the modern glasses we know today.

History about Glasses

The first visual aids were invented around 1000 A.D. It's called the reading stone - a small glass ball placed over small letters and text to enlarge them for reading. Wearable glasses date back to Around 1284 in Italy. The earliest glasses were simply glass lenses mounted on a heavy frame, held up by hand or worn over the nose. These frames are made of natural materials such as wood, copper, leather and bone.

The Word "glasses" No Longer Applies to Modern Glasses

The term glasses is used because glass lenses are used to correct vision. Today, 99.9% of new glasses use high-tech plastic lenses that can use filters that protect the eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays (UV). These lenses are smaller, thinner and more durable than glass, which breaks and scratches more easily.

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