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For most families, rainy days mean being trapped indoors with quiet activities like watching a movie, playing video games, doing puzzles or reading a book. But just because it's wet outside doesn't mean you need to stay indoors all day.

A rainy day can be just as good for many kids as a sunny holiday, and you can make it fun with a little creativity.

The illustration below shows how kids enjoy a rainy day. Click here to edit this illustration.

  1. Observing the movements of small animals - after the rain before and after the rain, ants, snails, dragonflies will have different movements, after the rain they will drill out to breathe, take your children to find them.

  2. Seeing the wonderful changes in the clouds - what's the difference between seeing clouds before rain and white clouds in peacetime? Why darker and denser? Tell your child about nature. Or, it's okay to make a mythical little story.

  3. Listening to music falling from the sky - Take your child to put the pots and pans in the rain and listen to the sound of rain falling on it.

  4. Rotating umbrella to see water flowers - children hold umbrellas alone, spin in the rain, become umbrella flowers! The child smiled happily when the rain fell on him.

  5. Diving pits - Find a few small puddles, take the child to jump over, both to meet the child's desire to play with water and exercise the bounce, when they cross the puddle, will be particularly proud and satisfied.

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