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PDCA cycle, also known as Deming cycle, is proposed by American quality management expert Dr. Deming. It is a scientific procedure to be followed by TQM. The whole process of total quality management activities is the process of formulating and organizing the quality plan.

What is PDCA?

PDCA is the Acronym of plan, design, check and act which is a scientific procedure to carry out quality management in this order, and the cycle goes on continuously.

  • P (plan) - determine the policies and objectives, as well as the formulation of a plan for implementation.

  • D (Do) - work according to the known information, realize the content of the plan.

  • C (check) - Summarize the results of the implementation plan, distinguish which is right and which is wrong, clarify the effect and find out the problems.

  • A (act) - Deal with the results of the inspection, affirm the successful experience and standardize it, and summarize the lessons of the failure. The unsolved problems should be submitted to the next PDCA cycle for solution.

The above four processes are not finished at one time, but are carried out round after round. At the end of one cycle, some problems are solved, and the unsolved problems enter the next cycle. This is a process of gradually improving the quality level, a step-by-step process. Some people call it the basic method of quality management.

You can roughly divide PCDA into the following seven simple steps:

  1. analyze the status quo and find problems.

  2. Analysis of various influencing factors in quality problems.

  3. Find out the main causes of quality problems.

  4. According to the main reasons, put forward the solutions and implement them.

  5. Check whether the implementation result has reached the predetermined goal.

  6. Sum up the successful experience and formulate corresponding standards.

  7. The unsolved or new problems are transferred to the next PDCA cycle to solve.

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