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The Origin of PDCA Cycle

The PDCA cycle was born in the United States and originated in Japan. The popularization and application of PDCA cycle has greatly promoted the rapid development of China's economy and society, but there are also some hidden worries under the bright appearance. Some organizations in order to follow the fashion, scramble to introduce, but the form is greater than the content, after a gust of wind failed to really leave what.

When the Americans faced competition from the Japanese, they asked, "If Japan can, why can't we?" PDCA began to popularize in the United States, on this basis set off a new round of quality revolution. The emergence of ISO9000, Six Sigma and the model of performance excellence has played a huge role in promoting the quality of American products and even the improvement of comprehensive national strength.

PCDA - An Integral Part of Six Sigma

The PDCA cycle is a logical working procedure for doing any job efficiently. In Six Sigma quality management, PDCA cycle has been widely used and achieved good results, so some people say that PDCA cycle is the basic method of quality management. It is called the PDCA cycle because the four processes are not run once and finished, but over and over again. One cycle ends, some problems are solved, other problems may remain unresolved, or new problems may arise, and the next cycle begins.

Hierarchical PDCA Cycle Structure for Large Organization

  1. Big rings have little rings in them If the entire company works as one large PDCA cycle, then each of its departments, groups, and their own smaller PDCA cycles are embedded within it which can form a PDCA hierarchical structure.

  2. Continuous Improvement of PDCA cycle - PDCA cycle is not at the same level of cycle, each cycle, to solve a part of the problem, achieve a part of the results, work on the further, the level of one step. In the next cycle, there are new goals and content, so that the ladder continues to rise.

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