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PDCA is the first letter of the English words "plan", "do", "check" and "act". The PDCA cycle is an agile development process for quality management in a spiral mode, and the cycle continues. It is an iterative and incremental development process, not a one-time process.

  • Plan - includes the policies and objectives, as well as the formulation of activity planning.

  • Do - implementation, according to the known information, design the specific method, scheme and plan layout; then according to the design and layout, carry out the specific operation, realize the content of the plan.

  • Check - summarizes the results of the implementation plan, distinguish which is right and which is wrong, clarify the effect, and find out the problems.

  • Act - deals with the results of the summary inspection, affirms the successful experience and standardizes it, and sums up the lessons of the failure to attract attention. The unsolved problems should be submitted to the next PDCA cycle for solution.

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Continuous Improvement for Quality Management

In quality management, PDCA cycle has been widely used and achieved good results. Therefore, PDCA cycle is called the basic method of quality management.

The PDCA cycle is called because the four processes do not end after one run, but are repeated. At the end of a cycle, some of the issues have been resolved, there may be other issues left unresolved, or new issues arise, and the next cycle is executed.

The application of PDCA management model has great benefits for us to improve the efficiency of our daily work. It can not only be used in quality management work, but also suitable for other management tasks.

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