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PDCA for Total Quality Management

The PDCA loop is easy to use and can be used in all areas of the company only by adapting the application to specific tasks. Simple, easy to learn and adaptable to various tasks and problems are the decisive advantages of PDCA method.

In PDCA, you will first examines the current situation to make plans for improvement. When completed, the required improvements are executed and checked to see if they have been achieved. In positive circumstances, these measures have become the standard. This established standard can then be challenged and improved through new initiatives.

William Edwards Deming proposed the PDCA cycle (also known as Daming cycle), which he presented in Japan in 1950. The Japanese see this as a starting point for continuous improvement which is also an integral part for total quality management, lean and agile approach, six sigma and etc.

PDCA letter stands for plan, do, check, act.

  1. Plan - The first phase of the TQM note is a comprehensive plan and intelligent improvement goal. Check the resource availability of the plan and its compliance with stakeholder requirements.

  2. Do - This phase involves the implementation of the plans developed to improve the process. Measure the output and other parameters and record the results.

  3. Check - In this regard, the results are monitored and analysed to conform to the plan. This difference is known as the planning gap. If the gap is large, perform a root cause analysis.

  4. Act - Once it is found that there is a wide gap in the plan, prompt action should be taken. Make adjustments in your plan and start the cycle again.

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