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High quality does not come from product inspection based on results, but from continuous improvement based on process; PDCA concept is not only used in quality management, but also widely used in the field of enterprise management. PDCA cycle, also known as quality loop, was put forward by William Edward Deming in the 1950s. It mainly provides a simple and easy method for the process of solving problems.

In 1950, Deming went to Japan as a lecturer and consultant in the industrial sector. During that time, he helped to rectify and establish the Japanese industrial system, and shaped the Japanese business management model which was popular all over the world. His main purpose is to apply PDCA cycle in the process of continuous improvement and rebuild Japanese industries, so as to make them competitive in the world market in short period of time.

The 4 Parts of PDCA Cycle

  1. P (Plan)-plan, make a scientific plan according to the objectives and requirements of the task;

  2. D (Do)-execute, implement the plan;

  3. C (Check)-check, check the implementation of the plan Is the result consistent with the target;

  4. A (Action)—feed back, deal with, deal with the results of the summary inspection, affirm successful experience, and appropriately promote and standardize; summarize the failed lessons, and put unresolved problems on the next PDCA In the loop.

Subdivide PDCA Cycle into 8 Steps

  1. Analyze the status quo to find out the existing quality problems: the warehouse is not standard, crowded, and messy.

  2. Analyze various causes or influencing factors that produce quality problems: 1. There are more materials and fewer shelves. 2. The area is not clear.

  3. Find out the main factors affecting quality: 1. Add shelves. 2. Re-division of areas.

  4. Aiming at the main factors of quality problems: 1. Develop measures and propose action plans. 2. Develop a division area.

  5. Implement action plan: 1. Add shelves, 1. organize materials. 2. Divide the area and sort the materials according to the area division.

  6. Evaluation result (analysis data): Check the area division and make a summary.

  7. Standardization and further retrospective review: communicate results with department staff and make records.

  8. Raise the unresolved problems in this cycle, and transfer them to the next PDCA cycle: if the plan cannot be completed, then carry over to the next improvement cycle.

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