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PCDA cycle is constructed as a model of continuous improvement process: effective and continuous quality assurance. It promotes the mindset that a company must constantly improve in order to survive in the marketplace. Deming circle is how to implement this concept of the specific program. To do this, you need to take four steps: plan, act, check, act. PDCA involves workflow, members, related products and services. PDCA cycle helps to strengthen all-round cooperation.

What is PDCA ?

The model is divided into four stages, forming a cyclic repeating process.

  1. P (plan) - you start with a plan phase: what problems have you identified and how can you best address them? To do this, first determine the current state. Here, the problem is clearly outlined so that one can determine exactly how the goal should be achieved. This also includes resources for specific planning: for example, the current situation should then be determined and, the need for additional resources predicted. Finally, the team must also agree on the success factors. What must happen in order for a change to be considered successful?

  2. D (Do) -- After the completion of the planning phase, the implementation phase begins. The team or individual now knows what they have to do in the plan. At this stage, you first try to implement, test, and demonstrate that the proposed changes in the description plan are feasible on a small scale in practice -- for example, if a change to a workflow is initially targeted at a product rather than the entire scope, or just a department rather than the entire company. Therefore, this second step can also be viewed as a test phase .

  3. C (Check) - During the review process, compare the collected results with the goals set. We need a critical look at what works well and what doesn't. It is important that you look at the plan and implementation objectively. Covering up bad results just to not endanger yourself does not help the process of improvement. The Do phase issue should not be seen as a setback, but as an opportunity to learn from it, as this is what this phase is all about. Thus, The check phase not only summarizes, but also analyzes the result objectively.

  4. A (Act) - Now that the problem is known, the cause identified, the plan can be adjusted and finally implemented. Although the DO phase is a small test run, the fourth step covers the whole situation. Once the proposed change is proven to be feasible, it should be viewed as a new standard for adoption on a larger scale. The team can always question themselves and make sure that you don't fall back into old patterns.

From a thoughtful point of view, PDCA is a good way to implement improvements. Unlike modifying a familiar program with spontaneous, fast-moving processes, you take small steps, often under close observation, to achieve sustainable continuous improvement.

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