How do I make my own brochures? With a few internet design tools, you can quickly create your own. A brochure is a marketing tool that is typically employed to present a business, group of businesses, or line of items.

This is a brochure template designed for skin care products. This is a modern brochure design with the use of graphics and images. In this brochure template, the huge text of "Skincare" is designed as the title of the brochure. It is eye catchy. Brownish color is used as the main color theme which suits the nature theme of skin care products. This template is designed with Visual Paradigm Online. You can choose from dozens of pieces of art in a variety of categories using the online design tool Visual Paradigm Online. Any piece of art can be freely selected and easily dragged onto the canvas.

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Brochuras Template Specifications:
Este modelo de brochura pode ser personalizado e estilizado de acordo com as suas necessidades. Pode alterar os blocos de design, cores, imagens, editar o conteúdo e muito mais.
Dominant Color
1100 x 850 px


100% Organic

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