Staying Active Infographic Staying Active Infographic

Staying Active Infographic

Busy lives and digital working environments in this modern environment that encourage long hours of sitting around the clock (driving home from the office, sitting at the desk, watching in front of the monitor) lead many people to give low priority to exercise. While many people believe exercise is a way to lose weight, in addition to weight loss, it plays a vital role in physical wellbeing.

Have a Walk - Use a smart phone with the pedometer feature to record how far you have walked, and keep walking 10000 steps every day to achieve the best effect.

Standup while working - Experts say that standing consumes 50 percent more calories than sitting, so by only standing up, a 155-pound human will burn 50 calories an hour.

Experts say every week your target should be at least 21⁄2 hours of moderate to intense exercise. It's okay to be involved during your day and week in blocks of 10 minutes or more.

Stay Active at Home

During the COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing measures require everyone of us to stay at home. Under such circumstances, how can people remain active physically and mentally while protecting themselves and others by staying put?

Tidy your house - Another way to make sure you remain busy through the week is to regularly clean your home or apartment.

Do Yoga on bed / Floor - Yoga can be invigorating as well as relaxing. There are a number of yoga poses that can be practiced from bed conveniently.

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