Pizza Frame Menu Orange Illustrative Pizza Restaurant Menu Design

Pizza Frame Menu

Do you like eating Italian food? The foods, recipes, and cooking techniques that make up Italian cuisine are those that originated on the Italian Peninsula in antiquity and later spread throughout the world as waves of Italian immigrants. It is a subset of Mediterranean cuisine.

This is a menu template designed for the restaurant. This is a pizza-themed menu design with cute graphics. In this menu, vibrant colors are used as the main color palette of the whole menu design. Cute graphics of pizzas in various colors are designed on the surrounding of the menu template. Clear text of the menu title "Pizza Menu" is also designed on the menu. This template is designed with Visual Paradigm Online. In Visual Paradigm Online, you can create your graphic design with the customization of texts, images, colors, shapes, forms, etc. It is an easy-to-use tool for creating a graphic for all people, especially design beginners.

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Menus Template Specifications:
Este modelo de menu pode ser personalizado para criar um design que se adapte às suas necessidades. Pode editar o conteúdo, substituir imagem(ns), alterar cores, adicionar ou remover blocos de design e muito mais.
Dominant Color
800 x 1200 px

Pizza Menu

  • Classic Pizza $19

  • Ham and Crab $19

  • Hawaiian $19

  • Veggie $22

  • BBQ Pizza $22

  • Super Seafood $22

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