Blue Mountain Background Hiking Vlog YouTube Channel Art

YouTube Channel Art template: Blue Mountain Background Hiking Vlog YouTube Channel Art (Created by Visual Paradigm Online's YouTube Channel Art maker) Blue Mountain Background Hiking Vlog YouTube Cannel Art Edit this Template
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Mountain is always the most important element when hiking. That is why we always use photos of mountain in design about hiking, just as this channel art created by Visual Paradigm Online. Blue, colour of the mountain and the sky, is chosen as the main colour theme of the design, which makes us feel comfortable. With logo and words in the middle, the whole design is simple but clear without any extra decoration. If you have other amazing photos, you can feel free to change it as you can customize all elements on the design, which means that not only the photo, the logo, words, anf even the composition can all be changed as you like. Start your customization now and create an awesome channel art now!

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