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How do beginners hike? They should plan their hiking trip before starting. They should also prepare hiking essentials with enough amount of food and water. Before they go out hiking, they also need to check the weather on the hiking day to see whether the weather is suitable for hiking or not. This is a YouTube Thumbnail template designed for hiking. It is a simple thumbnail design for sharing hiking journeys on YouTube. In this thumbnail template design, various images of outdoor scenes are designed on the thumbnail that can clearly show the beautiful views of landscapes. The large text "Journey of Andrew" is designed to present the heading clearly to attract the viewers. This is a template designed with Visual Paradigm Online. With this online design tool, you can easily create graphics with images. You can easily drag and drop any images as a photo collage. You can even freely edit the images by adjusting the brightness, contrast, explorer, or other effects. 

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YouTube 影片縮圖 Template Specifications:
這個 YouTube 縮略圖模板可以定制,以創建一個適合你需要的設計。你可以編輯內容,替換圖片,改變顏色,添加或刪除設計塊等等。
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Journey of Andrew 019 - To the Forest