Morning Yoga Tutorial YouTube Thumbnail

YouTube 縮圖 模板。 Morning Yoga Tutorial YouTube Thumbnail (由 Visual Paradigm Online 的YouTube 縮圖軟件製作) 編輯此模板

Have you heard about morning yoga? It is a yoga practice that does in the morning. Usually, it takes ten to an hour for practicing morning yoga. Having morning yoga can boost your energy after waking up. It helps you to let go of stress. This is a YouTube thumbnail template designed for yoga. It is a classy thumbnail design for sharing a yoga tutorial on a YouTube channel. In this thumbnail design, soft purple is designed as the main color theme that effectively gives a feeling of calmness. Various images of yoga practices are designed too that can demonstrate the movement of yoga realistically. This YouTube thumbnail is designed with Visual Paradigm Online. With this online design tool, you can easily create graphics with images. There are hundreds of photo collages and photo grids that allow you to select for customizations. You can easily drag and drop the images from your device on the photo grids.

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YouTube 影片縮圖 Template Specifications:
這個 YouTube 縮略圖模板可以通過改變內容、替換圖像和設計組件等方式按照你的要求進行定制。
Dominant Color
1280 x 720 px

Morning Yoga Tutorial For Beginners - Episode 1

A 30 minutes peaceful full body Yoga for all levels

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