ArchiMate Diagram Example: Principle 2


ArchiMate diagram can be used to model the principles that are relevant to the design problem at hand, including the goals that motivate these principles. Here is an example. Besides, you can also model the relationships between principles. For example, principles may influence each other positively or negatively.

Use this ArchiMate diagram template to get started building your own. Customize the ArchiMate diagram to reflect your organization. Click Use this Template to start.

What is ArchiMate Diagram?

ArchiMate is a graphical language that provides a uniform representation for models to support the complete architecture development cycle. It consists of a core language, aimed at the description of the actual architectures (business, information systems, and technology architectures, as well as their inter-relationships), and extensions for modeling the motivations, implementation and migration planning. The new ArchiMate 3 complements TOGAF in that it provides a vendor-independent set of concepts and relationships, including a graphical representation that helps to create a consistent, integrated enterprise architecture.

Why ArchiMate?

Architecture is a consistent whole of principles, methods and models that are used in the design and realization of organizational structure, business processes, information systems, and infrastructure. However, every domain speaks its own language, draws its own models, and uses its own techniques and tools. Communication and decision making across domains is seriously impaired. How can you manage the impact of these challenges? ArchiMate and TOGAF ADM framework may be the answer.

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