Decision Tree Example: Algorithm Decision Tree


This is a simple decision tree template created with the Decision Tree software. It involves a number of chance event node and decisions. The alternatives are presented as branches exhibited from different chance event node.

This decision tree example simplifies your creation of decision tree. Just click Use this Template to start. No prior registration required.

What is Decision Tree?

A decision tree is a decision analysis tool. It uses a tree structure to visualize the decisions and their possible consequences, including chance event outcomes, resource costs, and utility of a particular problem. Decision tree is often created to display an algorithm that only contains conditional control statements. Decision trees are commonly used in operations research, specifically in decision analysis, etc.

How to draw a Decision Tree?

Decision analysis can be performed using a quality Decision Tree software like Visual Paradigm Online:

  1. Create a Decision Tree.
  2. Drag and drop decisions and branches from the palette onto the canvas.
  3. Once your diagram is complete, you can save it (File > Save as) to our cloud repository for future access. You can also export your work into image (JPG, PNG, PDF, SVG, etc) and share it with your co-workers.

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