Flowchart Example: Post Operation Recovery


This example demonstrate how the medical team determines should the patient be discharged after an operation, using loops, decisions and processes.

Visual Paradigm Online includes various flowchart templates and examples, making it easy to create your own. click Create Blank to select a template to start with, or Click Use this Template to use this template.

What is Flowchart?

Flowchart is a diagrammatic way of visualizing an algorithm, a workflow or a process. Flowchart is often used in writing program and explaining problem solution. Typical flowchart contains different symbols that represent the different states and element within a flow, e.g. process, decision, input, output, on-page connector, off-page connector, etc.

How to draw Flowchart?

  1. Describe the process in a one-line statement.
  2. Start with the 'trigger' event that initiates the process.
  3. Note each successive action in concise terms, avoiding ambiguous descriptions.
  4. Continue describing each event, action, or decision as it occurs in sequence, until the process is concluded (a 'target' point).

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