Heatmap Chart Example: Referral Signups by Country in 2017


In this Heatmap Chart created by the Heatmap Chart Tool it is showing us the number of referral signups by country in 2017. With this Heatmap Chart we can see when the highest referral signups happened and where the referrals are coming from.

You can edit this Heatmap Chart template to reflect your own data structure. Just click Use this Template to start. Or you can create your own by clicking the Create Blank button.

What is a Heat Map?

Heat map can also be used to identifying which sections on the map are more important or less important. As a heat map is benefited from the ability on displaying information that varies by two other variables, businesses can use the heat map to compare the demands, turnover rates, or profits among combinations between two variables. This allows businesses decide which aspect is more, or less useful and beneficial.

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