Package Diagram Example: MVC Structure


This is a package diagram for MVC. It structures the packages within an MVC structure into two levels. The first level has presentation layer, application logic and data. Child packages are created under these three packages, which include application views, Java AWT, control objects, business logic, DBMS, query engine and file management.

Use this package diagram as an example to create your own package diagram. Click Use this Template to start, or click Create Blank to create a new one.

What is Package Diagram?

A package diagram in the Unified Modeling Language depicts the dependencies between the packages that make up a model. A package can be used as a general purpose mechanism for organizing model elements into groups. It provides an encapsulated namespace within which all the names can be fully qualified. A package is used to group semantically related elements and it is a namespace as well as an element that can be contained in other packages' namespaces.

When to use a Package Diagram

  • A package diagram is typically used in large scale systems to picture dependencies between major elements in the system.
  • A package diagram is often used Package diagrams represent a compile time grouping mechanism.
  • A package diagram is normally done in the design phase of a project

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