4-Steps PDCA Model

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PDCA cycle represents the (planning execution inspection Enhancement) cycle, which is a popular tool for continuous improvement. The PDCA cycle was first introduced by Walter Shewhart and later by W. Edwards. Deming expanded the PDCA cycle for management and manufacturing. It is an important part of lean manufacturing. So, the cycle is also popularly known as the Deming cycle/wheel, PDSA (Plan-Do-Study-Act) cycle, the Shewhart cycle, and the control circle.

How Does PDCA Work?

The PDCA cycle plans typically start with small-scale effectiveness and efficiency testing. Once they are perfect, they are approved for company-wide development and deployment. Thus, it allows us to thoroughly test the problem, consider possible solutions, evaluate results, and then implement solutions that provide the best results for further looping, deepening, and improvement. The PDCA cycle can also be understood as a scientific way to solve problems.

The PDCA cycle comprises of four stages, namely,

  1. Plan - You have to sit down and think about the end result you want to achieve, or the problem you want to solve.

  2. Do - Implementation of the agreed plan. It is recommended that you be step by step and repeatedly question the execution process.

  3. Check - analyze what went well, what didn't go as planned and expected, and what could have been done differently to achieve better results. You can also brainstorm possible next improvements and changes.

  4. Act - The final step in the PDCA cycle is to act on the conclusions of the "check" phase. It's about implementing corrective actions based on your plans, experimental results, and reflective insights.

The PDCA cycle never needs to stop, and doing so will lead to continuous and effective learning and improvement. It can be used in any kind of organization, and its idea is to continuously improve people and things. It can be used to improve any process, product, thought or any other part of the organization.

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