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PEST Analysis, short for Political, Economic, Social and Technological Analysis, is a strategic management tool used to assess the four external environmental factors. Each of the PEST factors may represent constraints or opportunities, depending on circumstances. They should periodically be indented, understood and analyzed by the company so it can achieve optimum performance. As the factors vary, a PEST chart has many different forms such as PESTLE (i.e. PEST + Legal & Environment), SLEPT, STEPE, STEEPLE, etc. Nevertheless, PEST and PESTLE are by far the most widely used ones.

Visual Paradigm Online features a powerful PEST Analysis software. The InfoArt function is flexible enough to let you re-configure the template to match all these forms of PEST Analysis above easily.


InfoArt - Automated chart formation

Easily develope PEST model with the use of InfoArt. You just need to concentrate on listing the PEST elements. InfoArt will automatically present the information you entered in a professionally-looked PEST diagram. No further touch-up is needed for font setting and shape appearance.

InfoArt - Automated chart formation