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A Value Chain Diagram is a visual representation of a value chain, which is a set of activities that a business perform to deliverable a valuable product or service for the market. Visual Paradigm Online features a Value Chain Diagram software that makes drawing Value Chain Diagram easy with the help of easy bullet editor and auto layout facility! You just need to enter the primary activities and support activities, then the Value Chain Diagram will be formed automatically. No manual work, no distorted graphics! Of course you can always adjust the height, color or other look & feel of the infoArt, if you wish to.


InfoArt - Automated diagram formation

Quick creation of Value Chain model with the help of InfoArt. You just need to focus on entering the Primary and Secondary Activities. InfoArt will automatically present the information you entered in a Value Chain diagram - instantly and professionally. No manual editing and adjustment is needed for font setting and shape appearance.

InfoArt - Automated diagram formation