Dusk Child Book Cover
Dusk Child Book Cover
Dusk Child Book Cover

Dusk Child Book Cover

Our brains grow as a result of reading, and reading helps us understand life much better. Additionally, there is a lot of space for language and grammar improvement. You constantly pick up new terms when you read a lot.

Here is a book cover template designed for a novel book. It is a simple and mysterious book cover designed with an image. On this book cover, an image showing the silhouettes of children with a sunset background is designed on the template. The text of the book title "Dusk Child" is designed on the top of the book cover as well. This is a template designed with Visual Paradigm Online. You can create your graphic design in Visual Paradigm Online by customizing the texts, images, colors, shapes, and other elements. You are free to choose a template from the dozen ready-made design examples.

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Book Covers Template Specifications:
This book cover template can be customized within minutes. Feel free to edit its content, replace image(s), change colors, change design blocks and more.
Dominant Color
1410 x 2250 px

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