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Ranking of global financial centers

According to the latest global financial center index (GFCI) ranking released by Z / yen, a British think tank, New York still occupies the first place, London holds the second place, and Hong Kong rises to the fourth place.

According to about 65500 evaluation items answered by 10774 respondents to the GFCI online questionnaire, New York ranked first with 764 points; London fell 23 points to 743 points, only one point ahead of Shanghai, ranking second; Shanghai was third with 742 points.

The chart below shows the global financial centers index of different regions. Click here to edit this GFCI chart example.

Hong Kong, Beijing and Shenzhen all rose, with Hong Kong rising from fifth to fourth with 741 points, down 2 points from the last survey. Among the five areas of competitiveness, Hong Kong's business environment and human capital both fell by one place to the fourth; Infrastructure rose from one place to the fourth; The development level, reputation and comprehensive competitiveness of the financial industry remained fifth and fourth respectively.

Beijing rose from seventh to sixth with 737 points; Shenzhen rose from ninth to eighth with 731 points.

Tokyo's ranking plummeted from fourth to seventh; Singapore rose from sixth to fifth, only one point lower than Hong Kong.

Six of the top ten financial centers are in Asia, and three are from Europe, including Frankfurt and Zurich.

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D.G.B Limited


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We provide you with numerous major financial markets to exchange goods in Europe, Australia, Asia Pacific and the United States. In order to resolve investment questions, we have top analysts in the industry providing investment technical experts.

D.G.B. Limited has become an online transaction pioneer. In Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America. D.G.B. Limited offers financial and retail services in over 180 countries. Institutional support for clients.

D.G.B Limited is capable in offering financial services to the clients at the biggest financial institutions in the world. An effective and secure cooperative relationship with banks has always been maintained.

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