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A great Facebook advertisement doesn't irritate viewers with dull advantages or verbose sales pitches. This is a great example of introducing their tasty fruit product directly, with a hand script font title. Use a friendly tone to emphasize the beneficial effect for your consumer as "treat you health" and be loose with the sales tactics. Clear and conversational headlines are more effective. This reduces the likelihood of irritating users with overt advertising in their personal feeds.

Your audience will be interested in and motivated to read your Facebook Ad if the header is compelling. Additionally, it makes your Facebook Ad's purpose clear and helps readers get to know your company. Are you searching for other Facebook Ad headers? Browse the InfoART library for more modern Facebook ad templates!

Facebook Ads Template Specifications:
This Facebook Ad template can be customized to create a design that fits your need. You can edit content, replace image(s), change colors, add or remove design blocks and more.
Dominant Color
1200 x 628 px

Treat Your Health!!

Up to 20% off.

Sweet blueberries are low in calories and incredibly good for you.

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