Reasons Why We Like Horror Movies Infographic Horror Movies Infographic

Reasons Why We Like Horror Movies Infographic

Horror movies are scary and sometimes disgusting. They remind you of death and the fear of life. However, many of us still enjoy watching horror movies. What do horror movies give us? Why do so many people spend so much money on scary entertainment?

Here's what some experts say:

  • When we watch horror movies, we don't always distinguish between fantasy and reality. We're scared, but we're also safe (we are in a controllable environment) !

  • Although there is no real threat, many people feel a sense of accomplishment after watching a horror movie. You feel like you're dealing with something outside my comfort zone, and you've conquered it.

  • Horror movies give you a glimpse of how life-threatening situations happen, which prepares you for real danger. So it can help you prepare for the worst.

  • Why do some people like to risk jumping off mountains with parachutes?

  • Others go to the amusement park and ride the roller coaster.

  • Horror movie lovers watch movies?

    This is because adrenaline is produced when there is a dangerous stimulus that requires an immediate response, such as when we see a predator in the forest or a car rushing towards us on the road. But it can also be produced in small doses, like watching a horror movie at the theater.

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