SWOT Analysis Model

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SWOT Question and Checklist

We can conduct the SWOT analysis by answering the group of similar questions (depending on the context or nature of the problems you would like to solve) for each of the four components:


  • Identify skills and capabilities that you have.

  • What can you do particularly well, relative to rivals?

  • What do analysts consider to be your strengths?

  • What resources do you have?

  • Is your brand or reputation strong?


  • What do rivals do better than you?

  • What do you do poorly?

  • What generates the most customer dissatisfaction and complaints?

  • What generates the most employee dissatisfaction and complaints?

  • What processes and activities can you improve?


  • Where can you apply your strengths?

  • How are your customers and their needs changing?

  • How is technology changing your business?

  • Are there new markets for your strengths? (e.g. foreign)

  • Are there new ways of producing your products?

  • Are your rivals' customers dissatisfied?


  • Are customers able to meet their needs with alternative products?

  • Are customers needs changing away from your product?

  • What are your competitors developing?

  • Are your rivals improving their product offerings or prices?

  • Is new technology making your product obsolete?

  • Is your cash-flow and debt position healthy?

  • Are your employees satisfied?

  • Is turnover high?

  • Is new competition coming?

  • Are sales growing slower than the industry average?

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