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Every Year, when Christmas Day is getting closer and closer, and you can feel the warm atmosphere in this winter in many places all over the world. I think there should be no other holiday celebrated in almost every country around the world like Christmas. In North America, the atmosphere begins on Thanksgiving in November, while in the east it continues from Christmas to the lunar new year.

The origin of Santa Claus

"Ho, Ho, Ho", the laughter of Santa Claus, the bright red dress and even the thick white beard are the best symbols of Christmas. Although Santa Claus is a fictional character, his idea actually originated from a bishop named Saint Nicholas from Mira, Turkey, in the 4th century. He often helps others secretly, such as putting money in people's shoes or giving gifts secretly. In 1823, a poet in the United States wrote the visit of Saint Nicholas, which portrayed him as an old man with rich body, white beard and full of happiness and laughter through imagination. The image of Santa Claus has been praised so far, and has become a symbol of Christmas.

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The task of Santa Claus, in fact, is to let us learn to "believe", everyone's life, all need to have such faith, for family, friends, themselves... All are, Santa Claus is love, is a miracle, is the hope, is also happiness.

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